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Cloud Elements Version 2.138

October 23, 2017


Bullhorn Element: Model Verification

Added model verification to the Bullhorn element.

Intacct Element: locationID Parameter

Previously, you could authenticate an Intacct element instance with a specified locationId. Now, on every API call, you have the option to override that locationId or provide one if you didn't before.

LinkedIn Element: Fixed Pagination Issues

Updated description for LinkedIn API pageSize parameter on following APIs to reflect default pageSize to be 200:

Removed the paging on the following LinkedIn APIs as LinkedIn returns only 100 and there is no pagination:

Removed support for bulk on the LinkedIn element likes and comments resources as pagination is no longer supported.

DropBox Element: Now Throws an Error if the Source and Destination Paths Match

Fixed DropBox file copy to throw an error if source and destination paths are same.

Salesforce Elements: Redirect URL

Fixed a bug where the Salesforce redirect URL didn't direct to the endpoint address.

Request Models Appear for POST, PATCH and PUT

When creating custom element, request models appear for POST, PATCH and PUT endpoints.

Edit Raw JSON in Poller Configuration


Showing Formula Pending Executions and Steps

Formula executions now show pending executions and steps in yellow.

screen recording 2017-09-12 at 12 46 am

Load Greater than 200 Formula Executions

Previously, you could load no more than 200 formula executions at a time. Now you can load more executions by scrolling to the bottom of the execution list. image


Audit Logging

The Activity page includes a new Audit Logs table that allows you to see change logs for elements, formulas, instances, transformations, and common-resources.

You can filter audit logs by users in an account.

image 2017-10-12 at 2 19 44 pm


IDs on Cards Can Be Copied

You can more easily copy the an element ID. Previously, the hover options on the card would block the user from being able to edit the ID. HoverBug


Added Security Page for Organization Admins

Common Resources

Saving Transformation Settings Save Overall Transformation and Resources

Saving a transformation setting or transformation field setting will save the overall transformation as well.

Cloud Elements Version 2.137

October 16, 2017


Updated ConnectWise CRM REST and FreshService Elements

Eloqua Element: New custom-objectsResource and Polling

Added create, retrieve, update, delete, and search for custom-objects resource in Eloqua. Also added support for polling on this resource.

QuickBooks Online Element: Fixed single quotes issue (escape sequence) for GET Vendors

You can now pass the query value with two single quotes . Ex: CompanyName = 'Bruce''s Office Machines'

Hubspot CRM Element: Enhanced descriptions and paging on resources

Quickbooks Element: Enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 authentication

Added support for Quickbooks apps created after July that require the OAuth 2.0 authentication flow.

Fixed bug that caused intermittent HTTP requests to fail

Fixed bug that was causing intermittent HTTP connections to reset on outbound API calls.