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Cloud Elements Version 2.165

May 7, 2018

Element Updates

Maximizer: Events

Events in Maximizer were previously not triggering formulas. We corrected the bug and now Maximizer events can trigger formulas.

Concur: Add GET /locations endpoint

We added GET /locations to retrieve the details of locations that are used by Concur.

Sharepoint: Added sites resource

Access and manage Sharepoint sites with the new sites resource.

Netsuite: Updated Visibility of Role Id during authentication

When you authenticate an element instance using the Basic authentication method, the Role ID is available.

Netsuite ERP 2016 Release 1: Added cash-sales resource

We added the cash-sales resource with the following endpoints:

LaunchWorks LaunchBI Elements

We added the following LaunchBI elements for LaunchWorks customers:

Marketo: Added leads resource

We added the leads resource with the following endpoints:

QuickBooks Online: Added company-info resource

Access the QuickBooks companyinfo resource that contains basic company information.

Hubspot: Fixed /delete responses

Previously /delete requests received a response with a 200 status code (success) even if the request included an invalid id. We corrected the issue and return the correct code.

DocuSign: Delete documents from envelopes

Use DELETE /envelopes/{id}/documents/{documentId} to delete one or more documents from an existing draft envelope.