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Cloud Elements Version 2.171

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Cloud Elements Version 2.142

December 4, 2017


Clover: New Element

We added a new Clover element to manage employees, time sheets, and roles for the employees based on their location. Take a look at the Clover Element docs and get started today.

Facebook: Updated /comments resource

We updated the POST /comments and DELETE /comments endpoints to support an update to Facebook /comments API's. Now for each request you must add a page access token.

Xero: Updates

QuickBooks Online: Added support for sandbox accounts

Enhanced QB Element to support Sandbox developer accounts. When authenticating an element instance, add the following to the configuration section of the authentication JSON:

"configuration": {
  "use_sandbox": true

See updated authentication steps in the QuickBooks Online Element docs.

Box: New endpoints in custom-fields resource

Building Elements

You can now generate model schemas from sample payloads. Generate Model Schemas

Cloud Elements Version 2.141

November 20, 2017


Zuora v2: Added query parameter and corrected models for subscriptions object

ServiceNow OAuth: Added support for custom subdomains while authenticating in Cloud Elements 2.0

We added the OAuth API Key and OAuth API Secret fields so you can enter the Client ID and Client Secret associated with apps created for custom domains. See updated authentication steps in the ServiceNow OAuth Element docs.

Autotask Finance: Fixed polling configurations

Events were not working in the Staging environment for the Autotask Finance element. Fixed polling configurations for the element.

QuickBooks Online: Added preferences resource

Get a list of all preferences (GET /preferences) or update a specific preference (PATCH /preferences/{id}).

Box: New PUT /files/{id}/custom-fields endpoint

Added the PUT /files/{id}/custom-fieldsendpoint to update the custom fields value associated with a given file.


Cloud Elements supports a data type of array [type] for arrays in transformations. For example, an array of strings appears as array [string].

Usage APIs

Added additional /usage endpoints to monitor activity in your accounts.