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Cloud Elements Version 2.144

December 20, 2017


Facebook: Upgraded to support API version 2.11

We upgraded to the latest Facebook API version 2.11.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Added resources

We added the following resources and endpoints:

ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth: Updated incidents/{id}/comments and incidents/{id}/work-notes

The comments and work-notes responses are now being split on a double new line with timestamp, as opposed to on double new line alone.

Netsuite ERP: Bulk download journal entries

We fixed an issue with bulk download for the journal-entries resource. When making a /bulk/query request, use the object name: JournalEntry in the query. For example, select * from JournalEntry.

GoToWebinar: Authentication

GoToWebinar URLs changed and users could not authenticate. We updated the URLs and you can now authenticate an instance of the GoToWebinar element.

Role-based Access Controls

You can now specify what a user can see or do in Cloud Elements through role-based access controls. We added a new page called Roles in the Security section of Cloud Elements. Use the Roles page to assign specific privileges to roles. Read the docs at Manage Organization Security and Accounts or jump right to Manage Roles.

Welcome Dashboard

When you log in to Cloud Elements we'll ask if you'd like to switch the home page to the new Dashboard. If you want to return to the new user Welcome page, click Switch to New User Experience at the upper right.

The Welcome Dashboard is a tabbed page where you can see information about your element instances, formula instances, recent errors, recent activity, recent formula execution errors, and recent formula executions. Welcome Dashboard

Welcome Dashboard features:

1 Tabs to move between the Element Instances and Formula Instances dashboards.

2 Depending on the tab, use search to update what appears in Recent Errors and Recent Activity on the Element Instances dashboard or Recent Formula Execution Errors and Recent Formula Executions on the Formula Instances dashboard.

3 Specify the accounts and time frame to search.

4 List your element or formula instances depending on which dashboard you view.

5 Depending on the tab, see your Recent Errors and Recent Activity or Recent Formula Execution Errors and Recent Formula Executions on the Formula Instances dashboard.

6 Returns you to the new user Welcome page.

Element Builder

We made some changes to how you navigate through element builder to make it easier to get around while you're building new elements. See Manage Elements for more about how to build your own element with Element Builder. Element Builder

Cloud Elements Version 2.143

December 11, 2017


QuickBooks Online: Added support for webhooks

You can now set up events with polling or webhooks.

Netsuite ERP 2016 Release 1: Added resources

We added the following resources:

ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth: Updated subdomain requirements

You can use either just the subdomain or the entire URL when authenticating element instances. See the ServiceNow OAuth docs or ServiceNow docs for complete steps.

Marketo: Added support for POST /bulk/programsLeads

You can now upload a file of objects to programsLeads.

Square: Updates

We updated models, pagination, and authentication.

WooCommerce: Updated GET /products-attributes

We added page and pageSize parameters to the GET /products-attributes endpoint.

Intacct.: Added the bills-payments resource and updated pagination

Stormpath: Deprecated

We deprecated the Stormpath element.