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Cloud Elements Version 2.146

January 2, 2018


JIRA: Added GET /worklogs endpoint

We added the GET /worklogs endpoint so you can retrieve the work logged to issues.

Zuora v2: Added /resume and /suspend endpoints to the subscriptions resource

You can now use the PUT /subscriptions/{id}/suspend to suspend a subscription, and PUT /subscriptions/{id}/renew to renew a suspended subscription.

Slack: Reauthentication

User reported that you could not reauthenticate an already authenticated element instance. You can now reauthenticate, including adding events to a previously authenticated instance by reauthenticating.

Cloud Elements Version 2.145

December 26, 2017


Marketo: Added programStatus as valid metadata attribute to bulk upload

When making a POST /bulk/programsLeads you can now use programStatus as a valid attribute in the metadata.


You can now use the word value in CEQL where clauses. For example, communicationItems.value='2' no longer returns an error.