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Cloud Elements Version 2.148

January 15, 2018


Box: Added search API

Use GET /search to search a Box account for files or directories. You can filter the search by directories, dates, and tags.

Twilio: Filter by phone number

You can use the from key word in CEQL searches t filer by phone number. For example, from='+1123456789'.

HubSpot CRM: Fixed pagination for timeline-event-types

Pagination was not working correctly for requests made to the timeline-event-typesresource. HubSpot does not support pagination of this resource, but we now use Cloud Elements pagination to return the expected results.

Bullhorn: Updated the GET /objectName/{id}/metadata endpoint

We updated the GET /objectName/{id}/metadata endpoint so tat it returns expected results.

Adobe Sign: Updated filtering for /users endpoint

Previously, when making GET /users requests and filtering using CEQL, the results included all users. You can now filter users using CEQL.

Facebook Lead Ads: Specify the list of fields for GET /pages/{id}

Use the new fields parameter to filter the information returned on the response.

QuickBooks Online: Added /estimates resource

The new /estimates resource supports the GET, GET {id}, POST, DELETE, and PATCH methods.

QuickBooks Online: Download PDFs

When making GET /{objectName}/{objectId} and GET /estimates/{id} requests, include accept: application/pdf in the header to retrieve PDFs returned in the response.

Pardot: Polling transformed objects

You can set up polling on transformed resources.

Maximizer: Updated GET requests to /contacts, /companies, and /addressbook-entries

You can now make GET requests to the /contacts, /companies, and /addressbook-entries resources.

BigCommerce: Fixed Bulk issues with transformed resources

You can now create a bulk job on an transformed resource.

Cloud Elements 2.0

Cancel OAuth 2.0 authentication

When authenticating with an OAuth 2.0 API provider, you can now cancel the authentication process after you have already logged in to the API provider's application.

Update email address

You can now update the email address associated with your profile.

All passwords masked in authentication code samples

We now mask all parameters set as password type in the element configuration.

Cloud Elements Version 2.147

January 8, 2018


Bullhorn: Added /placements and /companies resources

You can now use the Bullhorn element to view, create, update and delete: * Placements, which represent successfully filled job orders. * Companies — the ClientCorporation at Bullhorn.

Intacct.: Added /reporting-periods resources

Use the Intacct. element to get a list of reporting periods.

GoodData: Updated requests to include required headers

Starting after March 31, 2018, the GoodData REST API will require every API request to contain the User-Agent header. We updated all of our requests to include the User-Agent header. See the GoodData docs for more information.

Freshservice: Improved filtering in the /users resource

To filter Freshservice users you can now pass a query in the where clause such as email = ''. You can filter on the following user fields:

Box: New /revisions endpoints

We added the following endpoints to the /files resource:

Box: Updated Patch /files/{id}/custom-fields/{templateKey}

We removed the template field from the request body. Enter the template key in the path of PATCH /files/{id}/custom-fields/{templateKey} requests.

OneDrive and Microsoft OneDrive for Business: New /revisions endpoints

We added the following endpoints to the /files resource:

Zendesk: Updated transformations for the /attachments resource

In earlier versions, some fields in the /attachments resource were not transformed. You can now transform the fields in the /attachments resource.

Infusionsoft: Elements renamed to match Infusionsoft naming conventions

The Infusionsoft element names have been changed as shown below:

Hub Previous Name New Name
CRM Infusionsoft Infusionsoft CRM
Marketing Infusionsoft Infusionsoft Marketing Automation
eCommerce Infusion Soft ECommerce Infusionsoft Online Sales

Quickbook Enterprise: Added /vendor-credits and /creditcard-credits resources

You can now use the Bullhorn element to view, create, update and delete /vendor-credits and /creditcard-credits resources.