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Cloud Elements Version 2.161

April 9, 2018

Element Updates

Mailchimp v3.0: Renamed listsActivities object on to listsContactsActivities

listsContactsActivities more closely represents the object.

Docusign: Now Supports OAuth 2.0 Authentication

We added functionality for you to authenticate a Docusign element instance using OAuth 2. Previously Docusign supported only custom authentication using a user name, password, and API Key. That Authentication Type is now called oauth2password. You can now choose an Authentication Type of oauth2.

Zoho CRM: Added cases Resource

We added the following endpoints for the cases resource:

Zoho CRM: Added support customFieldsOnly Query on the Discovery API

We enhanced /objects/{objectName}/metadata to support customFieldsOnly.

Fortnox: Added the DELETE /files/{id} Endpoint

Use DELETE /files/{id} to delete a file by id.

Sage One: Added Endpoints

We added POST /ledger-accounts and POST /bank-accounts endpoints.

Cloud Elements Version 2.160

April 3, 2018

Element Updates

BigCommerce: Supports OAuth 2.0

We added functionality for you to authenticate a BigCommerce element instance using OAuth 2.0 and your app's Client ID and Client Secret. in the UI, select custom as the Authentication Type, and then enter your Client ID and Client Secret. The Client Secret appears when you click Show Optional Fields.

If you authenticate via api, include the following the configuration object.

      "authentication.type": "custom",
      "oauth.api.key": "<Client Id>",
      "oauth.api.secret": "<Client Secret>",
      "store.url": ""

BigCommerce: Added ability to search for order transactions

We added the GET /orders/{id}/transactions endpoint.

Freshdesk V2: Search accounts by by account name

Add the CEQL expression letter=accountName or crm_company_name=accountName to a GET/accounts request.

Added GET/me to multiple elements

Use GET /me to to retrieve information about the authenticated user on the following elements:

Fortnox: Added resource and endpoints

We added the following:

Amazon S3: New revisions endpoints for the files resource

We added the following revisions endpoints to the files resource:

Intacct: Updated models for the ledger-accounts resource

See the element docs for the updated models.

Stripe: New balances resource

Retrieve the current account balance with GET /balances.

Infusionsoft CRM: New productsresource

Update or retrieve a product's inventory with:

Autotask Helpdesk: New contracts resource

We added the contracts resource with the following APIs:

Bullhorn: Added metadata discovery endpoint

We added objects/{objectName}/metadata.

Sage One: New financial-settings resource

Update or retrieve financial settings with: